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NYUAD Writing Studies Working Group: Home

When & Where

Conference Center, Room 009
New York University Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
April 12-13, 2016


NYUAD Writing Program

In keeping with the ethos of a liberal arts education, the Writing Program offers courses that introduce first-year students to the fundamentals of academic argument and intellectual inquiry. These are offered in tandem with one-on-one tutorials and with consultations in the Writing Center.

Courses offered by the NYUAD Writing Program are opportunities to concentrate intensely on the process of writing. The development of strong writing skills throughout a student’s academic career is an important objective of an NYUAD education. The NYUAD Writing Program, like other writing programs in the GNU, takes it as a given that writing is not merely a useful skill but also a way of learning and knowing. We champion an integrated understanding of writing as a mode of inquiry and invention; as a means of communicating the results of that inquiry; and as a social and recursive activity.

Designed to meet the needs of each individual student through a blend of writing courses, tutorials, and one-on-one and consultations in the Writing Center, the Writing Program seeks to cultivate a robust culture of writing at NYUAD—from freshmen to seniors, and for students across all of the divisions.

Writing Program Homepage

Event Details and Schedule

Building on conversations begun in the fall of 2014 at the American University of Sharjah and continued at NYUAD in the Spring of 2015, the NYUAD Writing Studies Working Group will be meeting April 12 and 13th for a discussion of multilingual student writing across the disciplines and across the four years of our students’ college experience.  We’re excited to welcome participants from around the region and the U.S.A to NYUAD for presentations, workshops, and roundtables on the study and teaching of writing.

Guiding Questions:

From the first-year writing seminar to the culminating senior experience—at NYUAD called the Capstone Project—how do we foster a culture of sustained writing practice?

 • How can we build a curriculum that helps our students (multilingual or not) develop an awareness of repertoires and registers available to them?

 • How do Writing Centers work in tandem with Writing Programs to foster a culture of writing?

 • What are the links between writing within and across the disciplines in a liberal arts context? How does discipline-specific writing intersect with the first-year experience?

The Preliminary Program (subject to change) is:

Tuesday, April 12, 2016                                                                             




Opening Remarks | Al Bloom, Vice Chancellor NYU Abu Dhabi


Framing the Conversation | Marion Wrenn and Ken Nielsen




Collaborative Pedagogies

Round Table: Cultivating a Collaborative Pedagogy for First Year Writing

Maria Lombardi, Allwyn Tellis, Bronwyn Bethel (Northwestern, Qatar)

Workshop: Creativity in First Year Writing

Ben Hackenberger (NYU Abu Dhabi)




Beyond First Year Writing

Presentation: Stretch Programs at NYUAD

Hannah Walhout, Luise Beaumont (NYUAD)

Workshop: Rethinking Continuing Education at NYUAD

Jim Savio (NYUAD)


Coffee Break


Student Satisfaction

Presentation: A Cross-Institutional Study Demonstrating ESL Student Satisfaction in the Writing Center

Pamela Bromley (Pomona College)

Roundtable: Teaching Ethical Source Use to International Student Bodies: Writing Center and Library Collaboration

Meggan Houlihan, Ken Nielsen (NYUAD)

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Dinner.  Please be at Welcome Center by 5:50PM                

 Wednesday, April 13, 2016      




Translation and Plagiarism

Presentation: Translation in the Classroom

Claire Pershan, Mohit Mandal (NYUAD)

Presentation: 'I Learned it by Watching You' : Boilerplate, Plagiarism, and the Problem of 'Originality'

Ezra Claverie (NYU Shanghai)




Research in the Field

Presentation: How First-Year Writing Fits: Implications of Different Institutional Contexts

Dara Regaignon (NYU NY)

Presentation: Notes for Future Research: A ‘Global Research Imaginary’ Big Enough For English Almost-Only, Disciplined Writing, and Wildness

Jill Magi (NYUAD)




Workshop: Take Aways and Next Steps


Closing Keynote

Awam Ampka (NYU NY)


Dinner.  Please be at Welcome Center by 5:50PM

Workshop Facilitators

Marion Wrenn: Senior Lecturer, Director of the Writing Program

Ken Nielsen; Senior Lecturer, Director of the Writing Center

Jill Magi: Senior Lecturer

Luise Beaumont: Writing Program Manager