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Guide to Finding Online Resources: How to Find Video, Audio, & More

How to Find Video

Screenshot of "Articles & Databases" page with the "Video Collections" link circled.

1. Use the "Articles & Databases" tab. You'll find "Video Collections" under the "Content-Specific" category.



Screenshot of the first 3 of 97 databases in "Video Collection" category listed alphabetically.

2. This reveals 97 databases that include streaming video, listed alphabetically.


Screenshot of "Video Collections" narrowed to 16 results by adding the term "news" in the upper right search box.

3. To get more specific about the type of video you want, you can use the search box in the upper right. In this case we typed "news" in order to find video collections that include news footage.

How to Find Audio, Images, Data, & More

Screenshot of "Databases A-Z" page showing all items in the "Database Type" dropdown with "Audio & Music," "Data," and "Image" circled.

Using the "Database Types" dropdown menu, take the same approach as above to find audio, data, image, and other types of content.