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Shakespeare Studies

A guide for scholars interested in the study of Shakespeare's life and works

Database Search Tips

Here are some great tips for better search results in databases.  This usage works in most databases, but check the "Help" sections for supported search syntax.

Boolean: (using operators: and, or, not) 

Hamlet and revenge searches for occurrences of both words within scope defined.

Hamlet or "Titus Andronicus" searches for one or all, but both are not required.

revenge not Hamlet searches for occurrences of the word ‘revenge’ without use of the word ‘Hamlet.’

("Titus Andronicus" not Hamlet) and revenge searches for occurrences of the phrase ‘Titus Andronicus’ without use of the word ‘Hamlet,’ then also requires the word ‘revenge.’


"All's Well That Ends Well" - using quotation marks around a title or proper name will search for the words as a phrase rather than as individual words.


art* searches for art, arts, artistic, artful, etc.


m?n searches for man and men.

General and Literature related databases

Shakespeare specific databases

Shakespeare Journals

The best way to stay current with the new research in the field of Shakespearean scholarship is to browse the available journals.  Not only will you be able to stay up-to-date on the latest research, but it may stimulate your own thinking!  In addition to Shakespeare Quarterly, there are a number of Shakespeare and drama oriented journals available.  The following is just a select list: