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Social Work at NYU Shanghai

NYU Shanghai's Master of Social Work program's center for video and text resources and the research process.

An Introduction to Citations

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction Academic Integrity at NYU Shanghai

Produced by the library at NCSU, this video explores the questions: What is a Citation? and Why do we cite?. This video is published under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA US license.

Academic Integrity is a core value at NYU Shanghai, which is why it is important to avoid plagiarizing by always citing your sources. The NYU Shanghai bulletin describes plagiarism as:

presenting others' work without adequate acknowledgement of its source, as though it were one’s own. Plagiarism is a form of fraud. We all stand on the shoulders of others, and we must give credit to the creators of the works that we incorporate into products that we call our own. Some examples of plagiarism:

  • a sequence of words incorporated without quotation marks
  • an unacknowledged passage paraphrased from another's work
  • the use of ideas, sound recordings, computer data or images created by others as though it were one’s own

Properly citing your sources not only protects you, but shows your respect for the scholars whose thoughts and research your are using.

Need Citation Help?

Ask a Librarian for help, or visit these useful guides:

  • NYU Libraries Citation Style Guide
    For quick links and guidance of formatting your citations in a number of styles, including MLA, Chicago, and APA.
  • Citation Management and Formatting Tools
    Citation tools help you properly format your bibliographies; some of them, such as Zotero and Refworks even help you store your citations as well as PDFs of articles and book chapters, for easy access in the future.

Librarians can help you set up accounts for any of these tools, which are free to you.

(Just remember that no tool is perfect, and if you use any of these you'll want to double-check your bibliography before submitting it to your professor.)

Citation Resources