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Applied Psychology: 5) Reading and Writing

This guide organizes the most important resources for students in Steinhardt's Applied Psychology programs.

Reading Critically (Run-time: 3 minutes)

The Peer Review Process (Run-time: 3 minutes)

Read more about it! (eBooks on Writing)

The Psychology Student Writer's Manual and Reader's Guide, 3rd Edition

This clear and functional handbook shows how to research and write in psychology as well as improve one's overall writing ability. It complies with all APA style requirements, displays formats for text, title pages, reference pages, tables of contents in APA format, details the APA citation system, and discusses the crucial responsibility of every psychology writer to use source material ethically.

Writing in Psychology

This book provides detailed coverage of how to write empirical reports, research proposals, and literature reviews, and how to read meta-analyses. It describes the most common APA style rules encountered and/or highlights references to the Manual when more detailed knowledge is required.

The Psychologist's Companion, 6th Edition

The Psychologist's Companion is intended for students as well as young professionals and writers at all stages of their careers seeking inspiration and guidelines for better scientific writing with sections on literature research; ethics; and generating, evaluating, and selling ideas.

Writing in Social Spaces : A Social Processes Approach to Academic Writing

This book provides a research-based approach to the skill of writing. It supplies new theory and practices on: socializing writing-in-progress and writing with others exploring the alternation of conscious and unconscious, internal and external processes in academic writing whilst in a social group.