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Bloomberg Guide: Help & Training

Learn how to access and use Bloomberg at NYU Libraries.

One-on-One Support via Bloomberg

Do you have detailed questions about Bloomberg's functionality, specific commands, how to accomplish tasks, or insights into the underlying data? Are you trying to confirm if Bloomberg has the data you need? Contact Bloomberg's customer support specialists by email or phone:

Email: After logging into the terminal, tap the "Help" (F1) key twice to bring up the interface, then click "Contact Help Desk" or "Live Help" to enter the email interface. Be sure to use your NYU email address. Support's response will be sent to your email (not to the terminal) typically within one business day.

Phone: Talk with a Bloomberg support specialist in real time:

  • US East Coast: 212-318-2000; US West Coast: 415-912-2960; Shanghai: +86-21-6104-3000; Abu Dhabi: +971-4-364-1000.
  • "We Will Call You": Request telephone support in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Cantonese, or Mandarin. To access this option, log out using the LOGI <GO> command, then click the "Contact Us" link on the login page.

Support Documentation

Screenshot of the BPS interface.HELP Command and Key: Press the Help (F1) key on the keyboard when viewing any page to open context-specific documentation. HELP will explain the contents of the page you're viewing.

Guides and Cheat Sheets in the Bloomberg Resource Center: PDF guides and "cheat sheets" that describe Bloomberg's commands by grouping them topically can be found using the BPS command. Use the amber search box to search across these documents. The Bloomberg Resource Center is perfect for new users who are trying to understand which commands may help them in their analysis and expert users who want to take full advantage of all the system has to offer. You can also search across documentation using the DOCS command.

Excel API and BQL Documentation:

  • In Excel's main menu bar, click on "Bloomberg" and then "Help" to see API support materials.
  • In the Excel ribbon, click "BQL Builder". 
  • In the terminal software, use the DAPI command to view all API support materials and the BQLX command to view all Bloomberg Query Language support materials.

Librarian for Business & Economics

Bloomberg Video Tutorials

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)'s 5th video tutorial module, "Getting Started on the Terminal", introduces users to the core searching/navigating functionality of the database. You need not complete the other modules to watch "Getting Started on the Terminal".

If you are having difficulty using Bloomberg's core functionality and interface, use the BU command to access Bloomberg University. Bloomberg University includes tutorial materials and links to seminars and webinars. Plug your headphones into the back of the Bloomberg keyboard, not the computer's tower, to listen to video audio.

Training and Workshops

  • Use the <SMNR> command to see upcoming training sessions that may be of interest to you. Seminars may be held via webinar, at Bloomberg headquarters in Midtown Manhattan (731 Lexington Avenue), or other locations. Students attending Bloomberg seminars are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism.
  • NYU faculty, staff, administrators, and student organization leaders with targeted needs are encouraged to reach out to our librarians to schedule advanced, analyst-led trainings. These trainings may be held in-person or via webinar.