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African Diaspora Studies: Music

This guide covers materials about the presence of African descended people in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


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Red Hot Jazz Archive

The Archive is primarily concerned with documenting the world of early
jazzmen, so visitors will find ample information on Louis Armstrong, King
Oliver, Kid Ory, Bunk Johnson, and many others. Visitors can start their
journey through the site by clicking on the "Bands" area. Here they will
find an extensive list of the bands from the "hot" era organized
alphabetically. When visitors click on a band's name, they will be presented
with a short summary of the band's accomplishments, and in many cases, some
sample recordings. Moving on, the "Films" section is a real treat, as it
contains information about some short films made about jazz bands in the
late 1920s and early 1930s. What's even better is that four of the films are
available in this section, including a version of "St. Louis Blues", as sung
by Bessie Smith. Also, the site contains a series of essays by experts like
Scott Alexander and George Avakian on the early days of jazz.


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