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Citation Style Guide

This guide provides citation and bibliography assistance. Includes APA, MLA, and Chicago style examples.

Citing ChatGPT

In most cases, ChatGPT should not be used as an academic source of information. If used, it is always best to cite the original sources ChatGPT lists as its citations. 

However, if ChatGPT is permitted for use in an assignment, instructors may want it cited when appropriate. The main three citation styles, APA, MLA, and CMS have not developed in-depth rules for citing ChatGPT yet, but they are currently working to determine best citation practices, as noted below. Scribbr, a proofreading/citation checking site, offers some guidance for each style.

MLA has provided some initial recommendations for citing AI-generated text: How to Cite Generative AI. Also note that MLA recommends to never cite artificial intelligence (AI) generators, such as ChatGPT, as an author.

CMS offers general tips for citing work generated by AI, but as this information is provided in their Q&A section, it is likely they will update these initial suggestions in future editions of the Chicago Manual Style guide.

For additional citation assistance, please see the Libraries' Citation Guide.

Evaluation ChatGPT & AI

It is unclear exactly how ChatGPT works. This uncertainty raises some questions that may help evaluate the accuracy, reliability, relevance, and authority of the text that Chat GPT produces. 

  • Where does Chat GPT get its information from?
  • Can you identify the authors of the works Chat GPT is citing or pulling paragraphs from? 
  • Who or what materials are not cited?
  • Do the citations listed exist? Are they accurate?
  • Is ChatGPT paraphrasing or using entire sections of text that belong to someone else?
  • Can the information provided by ChatGPT be verified? 
  • Has the information ChatGPT used been peer-reviewed?

Finally, students may want to consider whether there is more value to using information from its original source versus what ChatGPT generates.