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Graduate Student Services: Classes and Handouts

A guide to services and resources especially for Graduate Students at NYU Libraries

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Welcome to the Classes and Handouts section!

                                                                                           photo: New York Public Library

The Graduate Student Working Group has been committed with providing classes -- both general and specialized -- each Fall and Spring semester for Graduate Students only.  These classes range from back to school basics, how to manage your research, how to use research tools such as RefWorks and Endnote, to other specialized classes.

To view the current library class schedule, click here.

On this page you will find the latest handouts (and any related resources) available for these classes if you were unable to attend the session.  

We encourage you to provide any feedback you might have for previous or future classes as well!

Handouts and class materials

Find handouts for our Library workshops

These classes are designed to get you up to speed, hone your skills,
and increase your confidence as a graduate student.

Getting Up To Speed

Are you a returning student or new to NYU? These handouts may have just what you need to get started or get back on track.

Managing Your Research

Wondering how to organize your citations? These classes were offered on how to use the various free programs that we have here at NYU. Each program has unique features so if you don't know where to start we suggest the "How to Choose" handout!

Power Tools

NYU Libraries support a wide range of graduate student activities and provide a network of workshops and other activities that will help you fulfill your goals. Take a look at the handouts below and see how they can help you.

Special Interest Sessions

Here you will find handouts for specialized areas of research, such as working on your dissertation or finding specialized library materials.