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Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Primary Sources in Translation

A Guide to Research in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Tips on Finding Medieval Sources in Translation

There are many sites on the Web that aggregate collections of medieval primary sources, many in translation. I've provided a list below some useful bibliographic sources for finding translations, and I've also provided below a list of published print and electronic books in the NYU Libraries that gather medieval documents in translation. There is a long list  of such aggregations and other sites featuring both original-language and translated texts on the "Full Text Primary Sources" tab of this guide - particularly the column of "Free Full-Text Resources on the Internet." But be aware - many of the translations on these sites are editions out of copyright, which is why they can be put up freely on the Web, but which also means many of the translations are old and may be based on poor editions of the original text. Many are also abridgements of the original text and so may not contain all of the content you are seeking.

The best way to find more authoritative translations of medieval primary sources is by searching the library's catalog, BobCat. Search by the name of the author, or, if the work either does not have an author or you are looking for a specific work by a particular author, search under the title. Once you have pulled up a list of results in BobCat, look in the "Refine My Results" column and limit the search results to English-language materials. Be aware, library catalogs are often very specific in the way they list the translated version of a medieval author's name or the name of a source. For instance, searching "Giraldus Cambrensis" and "Gerald of Wales" turns up the same list of works in BobCat, but searching for "Girald of Wales" yields nothing. Searching "Chanson de Roland" yields many more items than searching "Song of Roland." When you've found one item by a particular author, look in the "details" screen to see the link to the proper spelling of his or her name and click on that.

Bibliographies of Sources in Translation

Print Collections of Medieval Primary Sources

Henry Scowcroft Bettenson. Documents of the Christian Church, 2011. - Bobst Stacks: BR141 .B4 2011

Robert Brentano. The Early Middle Ages, 500-1000, 1964. - Bobst Stacks: D113.5 .B7

Norman F. Cantor. The Medieval Reader, 1994. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .M42 1994

Roy C. Cave. A Sourcebook of Medieval Economic History, 1936. - Bobst Stacks: HC41 .C3

Carolyn P. Collette & Harold Garrett-Goodyear. The Later Middle Ages: A Sourcebook, 2011. - Bobst Stacks: DA170 .C65 2011

Charles Till Davis. Sources of Medieval History, 1967. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .D3

Caecilia Davis-Weyer. Early Medieval Art, 300-1150: Sources and Documents, 1986. - Bobst Stacks: N5975 .D3 1986

Norton Downs. Basic Documents in Medieval History, 1959. - Bobst Stacks: D113.5 D6

Carolly Erickson. The Records of Medieval Europe, 1971. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .E73 1971

Theodore Evergates. Feudal Society in Medieval France: Documents from the County of Champagne, 1993. - Bobst Stacks: DC611 .C457 F48 1993

Patrick J. Geary. Readings in Medieval History, 2010. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .R43 2010.

Ernest F. Henderson. Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages, 1921. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .H49

Warren Hollister. Medieval Europe: A Short Sourcebook, 1992. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .M4 1992

Archibald Lewis. The High Middle Ages, 814-1300, 1970. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .L48 1970.

Robert Lopez. Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World: Illustrative Documents, 1967. - Online:

James Muldoon. The Expansion of Europe: The First Phase, 1977. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .E89

Frederic Austin Ogg. A Source Book of Medieval History: Documents Illustrative of European Life and Institutions, 1907. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .O3

Edward Peters. Heresy and Authority in Medieval Europe: Documents in Translation, 1980. - Bobst Stacks: BT1319 .P47

Brian S. Pullan. Sources for the History of Medieval Europe from the Mid-Eighth to the Mid-Thirteenth Century, 1966. - Bobst Stacks: D113.5 .P8

Barbara H. Rosenwin. Reading the Middle Ages: Sources from Europe, Byzantium, and the Islamic World, 2006. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .R35 2006

Kay Brainerd Slocum. Sources in Medieval Culture and History, 2011. - Bobst Stacks: CB351 .S59 2011

Brian Tierney. The Middle Ages, vol. 1, 1999. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .M49 1999

Werner Vebecke. Medieval Narrative Sources: A Gateway into the Medieval Mind, 2005. - Bobst Stacks: D113 .M413 2005

Donald White. Medieval History: A Sourcebook, 1965. - New School Fogelman: D113.5 .W5

Craig M. Wright. Music at the Court of Burgundy, 1364-1419: A Documentary History, 1979. - Bobst Stacks: ML270.7 .B95 W948

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