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RSS: Making Information Come to You

What is RSS? Why use it? And how to make it work for you

Subscribing to Feeds

There are a few ways to subscribe to feeds and each RSS reader is a little different.  However, here are the basic steps in subscribing to a feed:

  1. Look for the RSS icon on the web page:
    orange box with white writing
    or located somewhere in your browser*:
    rss icon box in orange with white writing
  2. Click on the icon
  3. Click on the button that says something like "Add to Reader"

*Most browsers no longer natively support rss icons but you can add them via extentions, see the box "Adding RSS Icons to Browsers" to the right.


  1. Look for the RSS icon, and right click on it.
  2. Copy the link location.
  3. Look for the button or link in your Reader that says “Add” or “Add a subscription” and click it:
  4. Paste the URL into your RSS feed reader.

Common RSS Icons

Here are frequently used icons to donate RSS feeds:

icons in shades of orange and grey with white text

Adding RSS Icons to Browsers

Sometimes an RSS icon is not obviously displayed on a page. Most browsers offer a variety of wasy to discover if a page has an RSS feed.

Here are some suggestions: