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RSS: Making Information Come to You

What is RSS? Why use it? And how to make it work for you

How to Insert the Proxy String

Many online journals require subscriptions (paid for by the library) to get access.

If you are on campus and access journals through the library web site, access is relatively seamless since authentication is usually established by IP address.

If you are off campus, you need to sign in with your last name and ID number to be routed through the Library proxy server.

An article title displayed through an RSS feed may not link to the full text directly. To get your browser to route you through the library proxy server, simply insert the proxy string at the beginning of the URL of the journal or article you are trying to access:

Proxy string:


URL of article/story:

Edit the URL to look like this:

This will only work if the Dibner Library has a subscription to the resource.