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Italian Studies: Journals

Library resources for information about Italian Studies, including language and literature.

Print and E-Journals from A-I

ROAD: Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources

 ROAD has been developed by the ISSN International Centre with the support of the Communication and Information Sector of UNESCO. 

 ROAD covers different types of online scholarly resources from around the world (including many from Italy): 


  • journals
  • conferences proceedings
  • academic repositories
  • monographic series (from 2014)

 The geographic, disciplinary and linguistic coverages of ROAD aim to be comprehensive.

 The following criteria have been established for selecting the resources:


  • open access to the whole content of the resource (free registration is accepted)
  • no moving wall
  • the resource comprises mainly research papers
  • the audience is mostly researchers and scholars

For more info, see:

Italian Periodicals

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