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Francophone Literature: Bibliographies

Library resources for information about Francophone literature.

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General Bibliographies with Wide Coverage

  • African and Caribbean Literature in French: Guide to Research and Documentation 
    Author: Mohamed Mekkawi.
    Publication date: February 1989.
      An extensive bibliography of sources for the study of African and Caribbean Francophone literature. Also includes: lists of Research Organizations and Associations in North America, Africa, and Europe; publishers; literary prizes.
  • Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies
    Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Boston, G.K. Hall, 1975- . 
    Bobst Ref1 Z881.N592 S352n Holdings (1976- )
      A yearly bibliography arranged by subject. Reflects holdings of the New York Public Research Divisions and the Library of Congress.
  • Index Islamicus. (quarterly) 
    East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK : Bowker-Saur, c1994- . 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3013.L72
      Bibliography of books, articles, and reviews on Islam and the Musim world, published yearly. See the subject index for headings such as "France," "French language," "Women," etc. Also includes a name index.
  • The World Bibliographical Series. 
    All volumes published by Clio Press, Oxford. 
    Location varies depending on subject.
        Some of the more recent volumes include:
        Cote d'Ivoire: DT545.22.D36 1996
        Martinique: Ref1 Z1561.M37 C7 1995
        Morocco: Ref1 Z3836.F56 1995
        Algeria: Ref1 Z3681.L378 1995
        Zaire: Ref1 Z3631.W5 1995
        Haiti: Ref1 Z1531.C47 1994
    • For each country, these bibliographies provide broad coverage of all information and issues related to that country (eg. Geography, flora/fauna, social welfare, transportation, etc.). Each bibliography contains information on language, cultural and intellectural life, literature, visual arts, libraries and archives, newspapers/periodicals.Note: Search in BobCat by the series name (se=world bibliographical series) for a full list of titles.
Bibliographies on Africa (Includes North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • See also the description for the World Bibliographical Seriesabove. 
  • Africa Bibliography. 
    Manchester, England ; Dover, N.H. : Manchester University Press, c1985-. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3501.B54, holdings (1984- ).
      Yearly bibliography of articles on Africa (entire continent) culled from nearly 700 journals. Arranged by geographical region, then by country, then by subject. Includes author and subject indexes.
  • Arab Islamic bibliography: the Middle East Library Committee guide 
    ed. Grimwood-Jones, Diana, Derek Hopwood, & J. D. Pearson. Hassocks, England: Atlantic Highland, N.J.: Harvester Press: Humanities Press, 1977 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3103.A66 1997
      Arranged by type of resource. Includes a wide variety of reference resource types. Eg.: Encyclopedias, grammars, biographical info., archives, libraries (including western libraries with Arabic & Islamic collections) and much more. Note: this resource is quite old.
  • Bibliography of African Literatures. 
    Limb, Peter & Jean-Marie Volet. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, c1996. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z6514.C7 A38 1996.
      Arranged by language of the literary work. Includes a section on French literatures. Further breakdown by country. Includes an author index and a country index. Note: No subject access!
  • Electronic Journal Of Africana Bibliography
    Author: John Bruce Howell, International Studies Bibliographer, University of Iowa Libraries. 
      Description: EJAB is a refereed online journal of bibliographies on any aspect of Africa, its peoples, their homes, cities, towns, districts, states, countries, regions, including social, economic sustainable development, creative literature, the arts, and the Diaspora. Includes bibliographical information on library collections / archives, periodicals, and medical/health periodicals and books on Africa. Library / archive information is arranged by country.
  • Writings on African Archives
    McIlwaine, John. London;[New Providence, N.J.]: Hans Zell Publishers, 1996. 
    Bobst Z5140 .M45 1996
      A bibliographic guide to material written about archives and manuscript collections located within Africa, as well as about African-related archives and manuscripts located outside Africa. Note: The concern is principally with documents of archival significance, rather than with manuscripts of primarily literary interest.
Bibliographies on North Africa and the Maghreb
  • See also the description for the World Bibliographical Seriesabove. 
  • Bibliographie de la critique sur les littératures maghrébines. 
    Bonn, Charles. Paris: L'Harmattan, c1996. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3014.L56 B66 1996.
      Divided into 4 sections: critical studies; collective works and conference proceedings; special volumes of journals; anthologies. Note: there is NO subject access to this bibliography!
Bibliographies on Sub-Saharan Africa
  • See also the description for the World Bibliographical Seriesabove. 
  • Africa: A Guide to Reference Material. 
    McIlwaine, John. London; New York: Hans Zell Publishers, 1992. 
    Bobst Ref1Z3501.M3 1992.
      References to handbooks, yearbooks, statistics, directories of organizations, biographical sources, atlases and gazetteers. Arranged by geographical region then by country. Also includes index for author, titles, geographical regions, and countries. Note: excludes North Africa.
  • Les Années littéraires en Afrique. 
    Pius Ngandu Nkashama. Paris: Harmattan, 1993. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3508.L5 P58 1993, 2 vols.
      Covers sub-saharan Africa. Lists by year literature by African writers. Further breakdown within each year by genre. Includes indexes for: author names and titles. Note: of limited use, because of presentation by year of publication.
  • Bibliographies for African Studies, 1970-1986.
    Bibliographies for African Studies, 1987-1993

    Scheven, Yvette. London; New Jersey: Hans Zell Publishers, 1998 and 1994. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3501.A1 S34 1988.
    Bobst Ref1 Z3501.A1 S345 1994
      Both volumes are bibliographies of bibliographies. Arranged by subject. They include brief annotations. Also author and subject indexes.
  • French Colonial Africa: A Guide to Official Sources. 
    Westfall, Gloria D. New York. Hans Zell Publishers, 1992 
    Bobst Ref1DT532.W47 1992.
      Provides information on political, economic, social, and cultural conditions in the Former French colonies of "tropical Africa" in official records. Organized by type of material, e.g.: general guides, bibliographies, archives, publications of the central administration, semiofficial publications, publications of colonial governments, etc. Includes an index to personal names, subjects, and titles. Also includes contact information for archives in Africa.
  • Guide de littérature africaine (de langue française)
    Merand, Patrick. Paris: L'Harmattan, 1979. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3508.L5 M47
      Covers sub-saharan Africa. Bibliography arranged by author name, with individual indexes of literature by coutry, titles and cited authors. Note: this bibliography is quite old.
  • A New Reader's Guide to African Literature 
    Zell, Hans M. New York: Africana Pub. Co., 1983. 
    Bobst Ref1 PN849.A35 Z44 1983
      Covers sub-saharan Africa. A long bibliography section offers lists of bibliographies and reference works, criticism, collections, folk lore, and oral tradition. Part 2 is a bibliography of primary literary works, arranged by language - English, French, Portuguese - and then by region, country, and author. Each entry includes publication information and a brief annotation. Also listed are: magazines (incl. publisher and contact information), biographies, booksellers, dealers, publishers, libraries with African literature collections and an index of all authors, editors and critics.
Bibliographies on the Caribbean
  • See also the description for the World Bibliographical Seriesabove. 
  • A Bibliography of the Caribbean. 
    Goslinga, Marian. Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, c1996. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z1595 .G68 1996.
      Includes sections on historical materials published from the 16th - 19th centuries, and reference materials. The section on "contemmporary works" includes language and literature. Also includes an author and a title index, plus a geographical index for access to resources about a particular country.
  • Bibliography of Women Writers from the Caribbean (1831-1986). 
    Berrian, Brenda F. Washington, DC : Three Continents Press, c1988. 
    Bobst Z1595 .B46 1988.
      Arranged by language of the colonizing nation. Subsequent arrangement is by genre or type of literature. Has a section on French Caribbean and Guyana.
  • Caribbean Women Novelists: An Annotated Critical Bibliography. 
    Paravisini-Gebert, Lizabeth. :Westport, Conn.; London: Greenwood Press, 1993. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z1595 .C364 1993.
      Arranged by author name. For each author brief biographical informantion is given. Index of novels, critics, themes, and key words.
  • Dictionnaire de bibliographie haïtienne. 
    Bissinthe, Max. Washington: Scarecrow Press, 1951. 
    Bobst Z1531.B5.
      Covers books published from 1804-1949. Six sections: works published in Haiti or by Haitians, works published in "hispaniola" and Santo Domingo concerning these two and Haiti, journals of Santo Domingo and Haiti, an alphabetical list of journalists in Santo domingo and Haiti, a catalog of titles, and alphabetical index by subject. Supplement below.
  • Dictionnaire de bibliographie haïtienne. 
    Bissinthe, Max. Washington: Scarecrow Press, 1973. 
    Bobst Z1531.B5n Suppl.
      Supplement to the above titles. Arranged by year, 1950-1970, then alphabetically by author name. Includes an indexes of titles, subjects, and authors. An appendix provides additional titles published before 1950 but not included in the original Dictionnaire.
  • The Complete Caribbeana: A Bibliographic Guide to the Scholarly Literature, 1900-1975. 
    Comitas, Lambros. Millwood, N.Y. : KTO Press, c1977. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z1595 .C63 , 4 vols.
      Excludes Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Provides information about the people (vol. 1), institutions (vol. 2), and resources (vol. 3) of Caribbean nations. Volume 4 consists of an author and geographic index. Volume 2 (Institutions) includes sections on language and linguistics, creative arts, folklore, etc. Arrangement is by subject and then alphabetical by author name.
  • The Complete Haitiana: A Bibliographic Guide to the Scholarly Literature, 1900-1980. 
    Laguerre, Michel S. Millwood, N.Y.: Kraus International Publications, c1982. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z1531 .L33 1982, 2 vols.
      A resource with broad coverage of all aspects of Haitian history, culture, etc. Volume 1 contains a section on Haitian culture, including language and linguistics. Arrangement within each section is alphabetical by name of author. Volume 2 also contains an author index.
  • Haiti: A Research Handbook. 
    Lawless, Robert. New York : Garland Pub., 1990. 
    Bobst Z1531 .L39 1990.
      A selective bibliography of mostly English-language works on Haiti (a few Creole works are included). Limited "primarily to works that are widely published and generally available at major libraries and through interlibrary loan systems." Not included: US government documents, many historical documents, book reviews, newspapers and news journals, writings on the natural sciences. Arranged by subject. Includes sections on languages and literature. Has an author index.
  • Writers of the Caribbean and Central America: A Bibliography. 
    Fenwick, M.J. New York: Garland, 1992. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z1595.F46 1992, 2 vols.
      Arranged by country, then author. Lists literary works by authors. Vol. 2 includes an index of author names.