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Research Institute for the Study of Man (RISM): RISM: The British West Indies, M-Q

The Collections of RISM at New York University

A Note on Finding RISM Materials in Bobst Library

This page provides a list of RISM books and serials on the British West Indies held in the Bobst Library circulating collections. It is provided to give the researcher an impression of the range of materials offered in the RISM collections at NYU Libraries. To find a particular item held in the Bobst collections, however, a researcher is best to search the Libraries' online catalog, BobCat. If you are looking for materials related to a particular country, searching BobCat by subject is the most effective way to identify all relevant materials held by the NYU Libraries, both those drawn from the RISM collections and those previously owned by the Libraries or purchased subsequent to the arrival of the RISM collections.

RISM Materials on the British West Indies, M-Q

M. J. Stoppi (Maurice J.) Commercial Arbitration in Jamaica. Kingston, Jamaica: Kingston, Jamaica : Heinemann Publishers Caribbean Ltd, 1991.

MacDonald (James Edward Hervey), 1873-1932.,J.E.H. The Barbados Journal, 1932. Kapuskasing, Ont., Canada: Kapuskasing, Ont., Canada : Penumbra Press, 1989.

Mahabir Maharajh. Self Expression. Trinidad, West Indies: Trinidad, West Indies : A Vedanta Sanatan Dharma Publication, 198.

Mahase Calpu. The Best of Sweetbread : A Christmas Collection. Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.: Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. : Trinidad Express Newspapers, 1989.

Mahin Gosine. Caribbean East Indians in America : Assimilation, Adapatation and Group Experience. New York: New York : Windsor Press, 1990.

---. East Indians and Black Power in the Caribbean : The Case of Trinidad. New York: New York : Africana Research Publications, 1986.

Mala Rajnarinesingh. Fetes and Festivals in Trinidad and Tobago. Ed. Ramona Shah. Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies: Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies : Trinidad Express Newspapers : Distributed by Inprint Caribbean, 1991.

Malcolm Barcant. Butterflies of Trinidad and Tobago. London: London : Collins, 1970.

Manuscript Sources for the History of the West Indies : With Special Reference to Jamaica in the National Library of Jamaica and Supplementary Sources in the West Indies, North America, and United Kingdom and Elsewhere. Ed. K. E. (Kenneth E. ). Ingram. Barbados: Barbados : University of the West Indies Press, 2000.

Marcus Binney. Jamaica's Heritage : An Untapped Resource : A Preservation Proposal. Ed. John Harris, et al. Kingston, Jamaica: Kingston, Jamaica : Mill Press, 1991.

Margaret Bacon. Journey to Guyana. London: London : D. Dobson, 1970.

Margaret Deanne Rouse-Jones 1945-. The Colonial Bank Correspondence, 1837-1885. Ed. Republic Bank (Trinidad and Tobago). Newtown, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.: Newtown, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. : Paria Pub. Co, 1986.

Maria Nugent Lady, 1771?-1834. Lady Nugent's Journal of Her Residence in Jamaica from 1801 to 1805. Ed. Philip Wright. Kingston: Kingston : Institute of Jamaica, 1966.

Marie Thérèse Rétout. Parish Beat. Port of Spain, Trinidad: Port of Spain, Trinidad : Inprint Caribbean, 1976.

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Marlene A. Hamilton. Jamaican Educational Research : A Summary. Ed. Research Institute for the Study of Man. Seminar on Education and Society in the Caribbean ( : Mona,Jamaica) and University of the West Indies (Mona,Jamaica).Faculty of Education., 1989.

Maroon Heritage : Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Perspectives. Ed. Emmanuel Kofi Agorsah. Kingston, Jamaica: Kingston, Jamaica : Canoe Pr, 1994.

Marshall (Arthur Hedley), 1904-,A.H. Report on Local Government in British Guiana. Georgetown: Georgetown : Govt. Printery, 1965.

---. Report on Local Government in British Guiana. Georgetown?: Georgetown? : British Guiana?, 1955.

Martha Warren Beckwith 1871-1959. Jamaica Proverbs. New York: New York : Negro Universities Press, 1970.

Martin Carter 1927-. A Martin Carter Prose Sampler. Ed. Ian McDonald, et al. Georgetown?: Georgetown? : s.n, 1993.

---. Poems of Resistance. Ed. Neville Dawes. Georgetown: Georgetown : University of Guiana, 1964.

Martin Henry. The Layperson's Version of the 1962 Constitution of Jamaica : Including Amendments Up to 1993. Ed. Verna James, et al. KGN Kingston, Jamaica: KGN Kingston, Jamaica : Jamaica Print. Services, 1994.

Martin J. Boodhoo (Martin Jagdeo). The Impact of Brain Drain on Development : A Case-Study of Guyana. Ed. Ahamad Baksh d. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Percetakan Intisari, 1981.

Martin Sampath 1919-. Half Slave, Half Free. San Fernando, Trinidad?: San Fernando, Trinidad? : Arawak Publications, 1971.

Mary Gaunt 1861-1942. Reflection--in Jamaica. London: London : E. Benn, 1932.

Mary Noel Menezes. An Annotated Bibliography of Governors' Dispatches (British Guiana) : Selected Years, 1781-1871 (C.O. 111/1(1781)-C.O. 384 (1871) and C.O. 884/1-19). Georgetown: Georgetown : Dept. of History, University of Guyana, 1978.

Mary Seacole 1805-1881. Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands. Ed. Sara Salih. London ; New York: London ; New York : Penguin, 2005.

Maunder, W. F. Employment in an Underdeveloped Area. New Haven: New Haven, Yale University Press, 1960.

Maureen Warner Lewis. Trinidad Yoruba : From Mother Tongue to Memory. Tuscaloosa: Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, 1996.

Maureen, Warner Lewis. Guinea's Other Suns : The African Dynamic in Trinidad Culture. Dover, Mass.: Dover, Mass. : Majority Press, 1991.

Maurice Paterson. So Far so Mad : 4 Factional Stories. Grenada: Grenada : s.n, 1994.

Maurice St. Pierre. Strike Or Struggle? : Unrest on the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies. Kingston, Jamaica: Kingston, Jamaica : New World Group, 1972.

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"Memorandum on the Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the Year (Including Port Services and Railway) and Report of the Select Committee Consisting of all the Unofficial Members of the Legislative Council to Consider the Draft Estimates." Memorandum on the draft estimates of revenue and expenditure for the year (including port services and railway) and report of the Select Committee consisting of all the unofficial members of the Legislative Council to consider the draft estimates.

Mercler, Frederick Le. A Princess for Port Royal : A Romantic Novel. North Devon, England: North Devon, England : Arthur H. Stockwell, 1960.

Mervyn C. Alleyne. Roots of Jamaican Culture. London: London : Pluto Press, 1988.

Metcalfe (George Edgar), G. E. Royal Government and Political Conflict in Jamaica, 1729-1783. London: London : Published for the Royal Commonwealth Society by Longmans, 1965.

Michael Abdul Malik 1933-1974. From Michael De Freitas to Michael X. London: London : Andre Deutsch, 1968.

Michael Anthony 1930-. Cricket in the Road. London: London A. Deutsch, 1973.

---. Heroes of the People of Trinidad & Tobago. Port of Spain: Port of Spain : Circle Press, 1986.

Michael Burnett. Jamaican Music. Oxford: Oxford : Oxford University Press, Music Dept, 1982.

Michael Gilkes. Couvade : A Dream-Play of Guyana. Ed. Wilson Harris. Sydney: Sydney : Dangaroo Press, 1990.

Michael H. Beaubrun. A Transcultural Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous : Trinidad/London. Ed. Hedy Firth and Joint Meeting of the Caribbean Psychiatric Association and the American Psychiatric Association ( : Ocho Rios,Jamaica)., 1969.

Michael Howard. The Fiscal System of Barbados, 1946-1965. Cave Hill, Barbados: Cave Hill, Barbados : Institute of Social and Economic Research Eastern Caribbean, University of the West Indies, 1979.

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---. The Selection of Migrant Categories from the Caribbean to the United States : The Jamaican Experience. New York: New York : Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, New York University, 1983.

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---. Nice, Rum an' Coca Cola & Welcome Home Jacko : Three Plays. Ed. Mustapha Matura. London: London : Eyre Metchuen, 1980.

My Lovely Native Land. Ed. A. J. (Arthur J. ). Seymour, Elma Seymour, and Leila Locke. Port of Spain, Trinidad: Port of Spain, Trinidad : Longman Caribbean, 1971.

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