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Drama Therapy: Finding Books

This is a selective guide to Drama Therapy literature. This page is the gateway to books, journal articles, and web resources.

How to search

Simply typing in "drama therapy" will only reveal a small portion of the available literature. Choice of search terms has a tremendous impact on the outcome of your search. Different databases use different terminology, and none rely entirely on the phrase"drama therapy."

There is not an abundance of literature on the topic of drama therapy. Increase your search results by referencing articles in related fields, such as dance or movement therapy, that may share key concepts.

Browsing Books

Rediscover one of the best technologies that was ever invented! The book!

Academic Libraries that use the Library of Congress Classification Outline (the majority of them) can easily be browsed for serendipitous discovery of wonderful books in your subject area. All you need to know is the call number range to get yourself situated.

Library of Congress Call Number Areas:

RC 489 .D3 Psychiatry. Drama Therapy

RC 512 -552 Psychoses & neuroses

RC 552 .E18 Psychiatry. Neurosis. Eating Disorders

RJ 499-507 Child Psychiatry, including mental disorders of children and adolescents

Additional Terms:

Drama Therapy

Drama Therapeutic Use (not useful in PsycInfo)

Creative Arts Therapy
Dance Therapy
Movement Therapy
Recreation Therapy
Role Playing



Finding Books Outside of Bobst

Counseling and Therapy in Video

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives and Reference Works

Search BobCat for Books and Articles

Search here for books, journals and other print materials, videos, sound recordings, e-books, e-journals, databases, and indexes in our local libraries and special collections.

Online Books

Ebook Central provides a unique set of online database collections that combine more than 20,000 authoritative books and other documents from over 150 leading academic, trade, and professional publishers.

Google Books

Google Scholar is a time-saving, scholarly search interface accessible from within the Google interface. With Google Scholar, you can access peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book sections. For literature searching, specialized databases have more functionality and access more comprehensive results, but Google Scholar is a good tool

Google Book Search