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Social Work Specialized Topics: Annual Literature Reviews

This guide provides links and resources related to LGBTQ issues, Grief and Dying, Elder Abuse, Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse, Seniors, Psychological Tests and Measures, and Children/Youth


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Reviews of Research & Book Reviews

Review materials are a good way to familiarize yourself with trends and key ideas in current psychology. These are usually annual or monthly cumulations of articles or citations to articles that give you a brief summary of research and findings.

  • Annual Review of Psychology
    1950 to date. Articles review significant developments in the field of psychology, including: biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, cognitive processes, animal learning and behavior, human development, psychopathology, clinical and counseling psychology, social psychology, personality, environmental psychology, community psychology, and more.

  • Annual Review of Clinical Psychology
    2005 to date. Articles provide comprehensive reviews of significant developments in the field of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry. The journal covers research, theory, and the application of psychological principles to address recognized disorders, including schizophrenia, mood, anxiety, childhood, substance use, cognitive, and personality disorders. Chapters also address broader issues cross-cutting the field, such as diagnosis, treatment, social policy, and cross-cultural and legal issues.

  • Annual Review of Neuroscience
    1978 to date. Articles review significant developments 
    across the entire field of neuroscience, including molecular and cellular neuroscience, neurogenetics, development, plasticity and repair, systems neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, behavior, and neurobiology of disease, with occasional reviews in history of neuroscience and ethics.

  • Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior
    Beginning 2014. Devoted to publishing reviews of the I/O Psychology and HRM/OB literature. Topics for review include motivation, selection, teams, training and development, leadership, job performance, strategic HR, cross-cultural issues, work attitudes, entrepreneurship, affect and emotion, organizational change and development, gender and diversity, and statistics and research methodologies.

  • Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application
    Beginning 2014.  Aims to inform statisticians, and users of statistics more broadly, about major methodological advances and the computational tools that allow for their implementation.