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Printed Ephemera Collections at Tamiment Library: Subjects

A guide to the Printed Ephemera Collections at NYU's Tamiment Library


The Library's Printed Ephemera Collection on Subjects, PE 029 includes material generated on topics related to the collections of Tamiment including civil rights, workers rights, various union strikes, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, the Sacco-Vanzetti trial, the Vietnam War and the political activities of students during the 1960s and on. 


While a small portion of the material is international in scope or associated with other regions of the United States, the majority of the collection relates to the New York metropolitan area. 


File types include but are not limited to leaflets, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, fliers, and memoranda. 

Images from the Collection

Images from left to right:

First Row

"Women..." - Collection: PE 029, Box: 21, Folder: Women's Liberation I

"Celebrate Negro History Month" - Collection: PE 029, Box: 2, Folder: Civil Rights II

Second Row

"Hell in New Jersey" - Collection: PE 029, Box: 16, Folder: Strikes: Passaic Textile Strike, NJ, 1926 II

"A Sacco-Vanzetti Memorial" - Collection: PE 029, Box: 15, Folder: Sacco-Vanzetti Case I