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Model U.N. Research: How to Find Voting Records

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How to Find Voting Records

Note: There is no source that provides the voting record by country for resolutions of the Economic and Social Council or Trusteeship Council. Speak to your advisor about substituting General Assembly or Security Council resolutions on similar or related topics.

A. Obtain a resolution number by following steps A through C in How to Find Resolutions above.

B. Find “List of Resolutions” in Part I of the Index to Proceedings for the General Assembly or “Resolutions adopted by the Security Council” in the Index to Proceedings for the Security Council. Locate resolution number. The right column indicates whether a vote was taken.

C. Locate the “Voting Chart of Resolutions Adopted by Roll-Call Vote” in Part I of the Index to Proceedings for the General Assembly or Security Council. The chart lists how countries voted on resolutions.

D. The text of each respective resolution in the Resolutions and Decisions Adopted by the General Assembly is preceded by its voting record after the 52nd session. (For pre 52nd session General Assembly voting records, use the United Nations press release entitled Press Release G.A. Resolutions/Voting Record.) Security Council voting records are provided after the text of resolutions in Resolutions and Decisions of the Security Council. Both publications are located in Index Table A of the Business and Dcouments Reference Center (Ref6).

E. Not every resolution will have a recorded or roll-call vote. If you are unable to find a vote for your resolution, refer to the Index to Proceedings for previous years.

You may also access the online “Voting Records” for the General Assembly (1983-) and the Security Council (1946-) on UNBISnet at - the online United Nations Library catalog.