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Ebooks for Science & Technology Students

How to find and use e-books

E-book Database Features

Access Engineering HTML NO YES
by section
Books24x7 HTML NO

Only using browser print option. 

Cambridge Books Online PDF YES
one chapter of each title in the collection in question, or up to 5% of the pages from the total collection, whichever is the greater, for personal use only, during any given four-week period.
one chapter per title in the collection in question or up to 20% of the pages from the total collection, whichever is the greater, for personal use only, during any given four-week period. 
CHEMnetBase* PDF
Ebook Central* proprietary

YES, but
must create an account and sign in.

Can create a PDF maximum 60 pages OR
Download some entire books for 14 days using Adobe Digital Editions. (Not available for the Kindle)

a limited number of pages at a time; varies by publisher.

Can print in Quick View (browser-based) or using the Unity Reader (installation required) for better quality.

Knovel PDF YES
25 pages or 10%, whichever is less.
25 pages or 10%, whichever is less.
Safari Books Online HTML
page image 
Can only view offline using the Offline Bookbag on the Safari To Go iPad app. The iPad app allows you to cache one book at a time for offline viewing. 
individual pages 
Science Direct (Elsevier)

*use free eReaderFormats application available in "My applications"

by Chapter
by Chapter
SpringerLink PDF
by Chapter
by Chapter

*Must access via Bobst Library using your NYU Net ID.

Please keep in mind copyright restrictions when downloading and printing from e-books. Refer to our Copyright and Fair Use Guide for more information.

File Format Types

Amazon Kindle Format.  A custom format for the Amazon Kindle, this DRM (Digital Rights Management) restricted file format is only usable on a Kindle e-reader.

DjVu Format. High-compression rate for high-resolution documents. Web-browser, desktop and mobile-device compatible. An alternative to the PDF.

Electronic Publication Format. An e-book standard maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum. It features reflowable text, inline images and the ability to use Digital Rights Management (DRM) such as Adobe Digital Editions.

Hypertext Markup Language Format. A computer programming language that many texts are formatted with; these texts are intended for viewing as part of a web page.

Mobipocket Mobile Format. A format primarily designed for PDAs and older mobile devices. Also used on the Kindle.

Portable Document Format. Made by Adobe and compatible with their free Acrobat Reader, the PDF is widely used.  PDF files are scanned images of printed pages or converted digital documents from other formats.  PDF files are fixed-layout, meaning that their scale may not be suitable for very small screens.

Plucker Format.  Software that can be used on a handheld mobile device to choose content that is converted into a readable file from the web.  Plucker files are stored in the mobile device used to view the material.

Plain Text File Format. A text file is readable by most basic desktop word-processing programs.  Not compatible with all dedicated e-readers.

Other formats exist for individual devices; e-readers, tablets and web-enabled phones may have their own e-reader applications or software.  Consult manufacturer’s website for further information.

Adapted from Library of Congress's Finding E-books: A Guide