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Ebooks for Science & Technology Students

How to find and use e-books

E-readers Compared

E-readers are devices that enable downloading, storing and reading e-books; however, a computer or variety of handheld mobile devices may also be used to download, store and read e-books. Features to keep in mind when selecting an e-reader include: screen functionality (LCD backlight versus e-ink?, touch screen?, color?) cost, 3G versus Wi-Fi, weight, and app support.

Major Types of E-readers

(Keep in mind that e-reader technology changes rapidly and supported formats depend upon the model of each device)

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is available in several models ranging from a basic reader, to a touch screen, to a tablet with a reader app and a color display (Kindle Fire). Keep in mind that some models come with advertising
Formats supported: AZW, TXT, PDF, Audible, MOBI, PRC, TPZ

Apple iPad

The iPad is full-featured tablet that can be used as an e-reader via apps such as iBooks, which support both ePub and PDF formats. With additional free software, the iPad can also display e-books designed for the Kindle, Nook, and other devices.
Formats supported: EPUB, PDF, other formats via apps

Barnes & Noble Nook

The Barnes & Noble Nook is a dedicated e-reader, but also comes in a color and tablet version.
Formats supported: EPUB, PDF, TXT, AAC, most Microsoft Office and standard image formats

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Do You Use an E-reader?

Do You Use an E-reader?
Amazon Kindle: 51 votes (41.8%)
Apple iPad: 24 votes (19.67%)
Barnes & Noble Nook: 1 votes (0.82%)
Sony Reader: 1 votes (0.82%)
Mobile Phone: 19 votes (15.57%)
Other Device: 13 votes (10.66%)
More than one of the above: 1 votes (0.82%)
No, but I would borrow one from the library if available: 9 votes (7.38%)
Not Interested: 3 votes (2.46%)
Total Votes: 122

E-readers in the News

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