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Computer Science and Engineering: Journals & Articles

Journal Impact

To the right are some of the most high-impact journals in Computer Science. To learn more about journal ranking and searching for high-impact journals, see our guide on Citation Searching and Bibliometrics.

Peer Review

Peer Review is the most traditional system of selection used by editorial boards of academic publications. In peer-reviewed periodicals, submissions pass through a lengthy process in which they are reviewed by several field experts and must meet the approval of multiple reviewers before they are accepted for publication. Articles accepted by peer reviewed journals are often required to undergo major revisions before they are finally published. This means that when using peer-reviewed sources you can feel assured that the material you're using to inform your own research has withstood the cirtical rigor of multiple qualified reviewers. It also means that there are significant time-to-publication delays associated with peer-reviewed sources.

Open Access

A movement towards "open access" is growing in the world of academic publishing. Open access promotes the free exchange of knowledge by providing alternatives to commercially published paid-subscription academic periodicals. In most cases these venues are grant funded or sponsored by academic institutions. Some open access venues also propose more streamlined alternatives to the long and cumbersome peer-review selection process in the interest of better facilitating the timely dissemination of the most current research.

Accessing E-Versions of Journals

The electronic editions of journals can be hosted and indexed by a variety of electronic publishers and databases. If you want to access a particular journal in electronic format, but aren't sure where to look for it, try the E Journals A-Z feature on NYU Library's site. This can be especially helpful when you come across a citation for an article in a database which doesn't provide full-text access to that article. With the information in the citation, you can use these journal-searching features to look for full text in other databases subscribed to by NYU Libraries.