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Electrical and Computer Engineering

A guide for finding articles and other resources for electrical engineering

Databases with Substantial Coverage in Computer Science

Searching Across Publications in Databases

Browsing prominent journals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering can be a good way to survey the research in the field. Often, though, it is necessary to focus searches more narrowly at the subject-matter level and more broadly at the source level.

For example, if you are interested in monitoring broader trends in signal processing, looking through recent issues of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine might be a good way to accomplish this. Someone doing research on a specific recent development in radar and detection technologies and their application in electronic warfare will have to conduct a more focused search across a much greater territory in order to collect as much as possible of what has been published. If you are interested not only in the technology itself but also in its social, ethical, legal and economic implications may want to expand their search beyond the academic Electrical Engineering literature and look at social science literature and possibly also magazines and newspapers.

A variety of entities (publishers, academic institutions, professional organizations) maintain databases which index the contents of periodicals and allow the researcher to search across a body of publications. For more in-depth information about the range of databases available to NYU affiliates, visit the guide Databases (Electronic Resources). What’s given on this page is a list of databases with substantial coverage in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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