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Women in STEM: Learn about women in STEM

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Scopus is both an abstract and a citation database containing more than 41 million records for peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources. The citation indexing is available from 1996 to the present, and the abstract indexing goes back as far as 1823. Disciplines covered include scientific, technical, medical and social sciences fields with some coverage in the arts and humanities.

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Relevant themes and keywords

Intrigued by Imagine Science Film Festival and want to find out more?  You may find the following keywords helpful as you search NYU's databases:

  • women AND STEM career
  • women AND STEM education
  • STEM education AND girl*
  • STEM education AND ("young adult" OR teenager*)

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Journal specific to women AND STEM

Here is a sampling of journals available. To find more journals, use the keywords above and on the page "Find Books".

IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine

International Journal of Gender, Science, and Technology

International Journal of STEM Education

Journal articles about Women in STEM

Here is a sampling of some of the most recent literature published about Women in STEM. To find more literature, please use the databases and the search strategies on the left hand column of this page.