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Country Profiles, Statistics, and Reference

Academically rigorous background for starting research on countries or regions.

Reference Databases

These databases are useful for getting background information on a research topic, and will help you research chronologies, influential people, major points in history, and summarize concepts, events, or themes.

Country Profiles

Country profiles summarize recent data, presenting statistical narratives of a country that include economic, political, sociological, environmental, and other cultural factors.

In the advanced search box of Library Catalog:

  • Set the "Search Profile" to "All at Shanghai"
  • Search for "Any field" contains "country profile" 
  • AND "Any field" and "contains" enter the name of the country you need information on

country profile search catalog


gazetteer is an index or dictionary of geographical places, often with information on geographical makeup, and social statistics. Try searching for gazetteers in Bobcat, or try these databases:

Other Major Databases