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Research in Food Studies: How do I get started?

This guide should help anyone interested in researching topics in the new and exciting field of Food Studies.

Subjects and Keywords

Unlike other longer established academic fields, food studies research is difficult to find because there is no one main subject field that its topics fall into.  Instead, food studies researchers must be agile and creative; they must create oblique strategies for researching terms and search strings to find their desired information.  Below you'll find some resources to help you create subjects and keywords for your search.

Hilton Library Applied FS Websites List

The Culinary Institute of America’s Conrad N. Hilton Library’s Student Resource Guide for Applied Food Studies: Websites, is indescribably comprehensive for Food Studies associations, institutions, resources, and graduate programs.


About Food Studies

New York Public Library's Culinary History Library Guide

The New York Public Library is an excellent instruction for food culture research.  They have multiple projects, tools, and even their very own culinary librarian.  This resource is a lengthy guide for any researcher interested in using their resources for culinary history research.  That said, it highlights vital information, such as Library of Congress standardized subjects, that is vital for a contemporary food studies scholar.