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Research in Food Studies: Data

This guide should help anyone interested in researching topics in the new and exciting field of Food Studies.


One place I'd like to highlight is the The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which publishes annual food and agricultural quantitative data organized by region.  Reports and statistics focus on food systems.  It is gathered by and meant for dissemination to governmental or nongovernmental organization work, however its potency is fundamental to any international food scholarship.  In its website, use the navigation bar to discover these resources.

The Economist's Big Mac Index

The Big Mac Index was invented by the Economist in 1986 to explain better the concept of exchange-rate theory through "Burgernomics."  Although it was meant as a humorous heuristic, it has persisted.  For Food Studies scholars, the economic system has extra value, as an immediate index tool for discovering aggregated commodity, labor, and retail values worldwide, as understood through McDonald's and Cheeseburgers.  Datasets, which are updated monthly, are fully available for download, but the online tool is interactive and easy to use.

Food Security and Nutrition: A Global Issue

The UN’s Dag Hammarskjold Library has an incredible Library Guide that shows how to use United Nations sources for Food Security and Nutrition research.