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Research in Food Studies: News and Popular Sources

This guide should help anyone interested in researching topics in the new and exciting field of Food Studies.

Recent Articles on Food (NY Times)

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Fork Pen and Plow (archived from 2013)

This is an excellent example of a Food Studies-based digital humanities project.  This website, which was student run and contributed, contains fantastic essays, photographs, blog posts, and more all about contemporary food issues.  It had an unfortunately short life (it was only active for about two years) but is forever archived in the Wayback machine.

Critical Food Studies Series

Run at the Fales Library and Special Collection, the Critical Food Studies Series, is a regular lecture series that has been ongoing at NYU since 2010.  Almost all of the lectures are freely downloadable or streamable.  Some lectures (2010-2012) are downloadable from iTunes (found by clicking on the left button below) and others (2006-2016) are streamable from Fales' Food Video Archive (found by clicking on the right button below).