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Research in Food Studies: Culture

This guide should help anyone interested in researching topics in the new and exciting field of Food Studies.

Recent Articles on Food (NY Times)

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NYPL's What's On the Menu?

One online menu archive worth highlighting is that of the New York Public Library.  Entitled "What's On the Menu?" the collection offers any researcher access to the largest menu collection in the world.  Materials range as far back as 1840 and as recent as 2008.  The project uses volunteers to transcribe the text in order to make the entire collection machine searchable.  As of this date, the project has transcribed 17,545 menus.

New York Public Library's Culinary History Library Guide

The New York Public Library is an excellent instruction for food culture research.  They have multiple projects, tools, and even their very own culinary librarian.  This resource is a lengthy guide for any researcher interested in using their resources for culinary history research.  That said, it highlights vital information, such as Library of Congress standardized subjects, that is vital for a contemporary food studies scholar.

Fork Pen and Plow (archived from 2013)

This is an excellent example of a Food Studies-based digital humanities project.  This website, which was student run and contributed, contains fantastic essays, photographs, blog posts, and more all about contemporary food issues.  It had an unfortunately short life (it was only active for about two years) but is forever archived in the Wayback machine.


Association for the Study of Food and Society

The Association of Food and Society (ASFS) is one of the most important Food Studies associations in the world.  They run the most important annual Food Studies conference, and their quarterly journal, Food, Culture, and Society, is one of the most important locations for contemporary scholarly publishing.  Their website is an excellent tool for any researcher.  Aside from an archive of old newsletters and conference notes, and a listserv to keep up to date, it holds three excellent resources for contemporary research in Food Studies: these are a general “FS Links” page (which is a diverse group of websites and periodicals), “FS Programs” page (which is a constantly updated and exhaustive list of every Food Studies, or similar department in the world), and “New Books in FS”.

Graduate Association of Food Studies

In 2016, the ASFS adopted he Graduate Association of Food Studies (GAFS) as a student-oriented resource.  Aside from invaluable helpful tools for students (with such information as publishing and research tips) GAFS hosts an annual conference and publishes a quarterly journal itself, the Graduate Journal of Food Studies.  The archived journals are completely searchable and downloadable from their website.