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Cold War Research Guide

Tamiment's Cold War Archival Collections.

Seminars & Other Public Programs

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2020-2021 Event Schedule

Spring 2021 Events

February 9 (5:00 pm): 

Julia Rose-Kraut- Threat of Dissent: A History of Ideological Exclusion and Deportation in the United States

Virtual Event, Email to RSVP

February 25 (5:00 pm):

Zifeng Liu (Cornell University), "Dipping into Business of the Making of a New World': Mao's China and Black Left Feminism in the 1950s."

Commentator: Cheryl Higashida (University of Colorado)

Virtual Event, Email to RSVP

March 18 (5:00 pm):

Charisse Burden-Stelly (Carleton College), "Longue Durée of McCarthyism"

Commentator: Robin D.G. Kelley (UCLA)

Virtual Event, Email to RSVP

April 6 (5:00 pm): 

Victoria Phillips- Martha Graham's Cold War: The Dance of American Diplomacy

Virtual Event, Email to RSVP