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Copyright for Authors and Creators: Federal Funder Public Access Mandates

A guide to understanding and managing your work as intellectual property.

Public Access Mandates

If you have received funding from a federal agency for your research, you may be required to make your research publication and data publicly available in an approved repository, such as the NYU Faculty Digital Archive.

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, SPARC, of the Association of Research Libraries provides a wealth of resources relating to the 2013 OSTP Memo calling for public access to federally funded research and the resulting public access mandates released by various federal agencies to date.

Here at NYU, members of library staff are available to assist you in navigating federal funder requirements for the publication of your research:

  • Publication - April Hathcock, Director of Scholarly Communications and Information Policy
  • Data - Vicky Steeves, Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility, and Nick Wolf, Research Data Management Librarian

Mandates by Funding Agency

SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) provides a comprehensive, searchable database on the public access mandates and implementation plans for each of the federal funding agencies for both articles and underlying data: 

Article and Data Sharing Requirements by Federal Agency