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Digital Humanities: Articles

An introductory guide to the wide world of the Digital Humanities.



Zotero: Open DH Bibliographies

Search Words for Researching Digital Humanities

Computational Linguistics, Computational Humanities, Digital Humanities, Humanities Computing, Electronic Scholarship, Digitization, Digital Resources, Computational Text Analysis, Textual Analysis, Digital Media, Digital History, Textual Informatics, Hermeneutic Informatics, Text Encoding, Electronic Text, E-Humanities, Multimedia, Hypertext, Cybertext, Computerization, Quantitative methods, Virtual Library, Digital Library, Literary Data Procesing, Digital Image Processing, Image-Based Computing, Critical Editing, Digital Collections


Journals & Databases

General Databases

You may also wish to conduct more general database searches using platforms using the recommended search terms to the left.


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