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Digital Humanities: Tools & Software

An introductory guide to the wide world of the Digital Humanities.

Popular Tools (Content Management Systems)


 a screengrab from My Dear Little Nelly, created with Neatline

Coding & Programming Resources

3D Modeling, Photogrammetry, AR, & VR

Copyright & Fair Use

General Directories of Tools/Apps/Software

Interactive Timelines & Displays

a timeline created with Tiki-Toki

Visualization Apps & Tools

a visualization created with Many Eyes

Oral Histories & Podcasts

Web Design & Prototyping

GIS Apps & Sites

an image from ARC-GIS

For even more tools, including descriptions of the support available through Data Services at NYU Libraries, visit the comprehensive GIS Research Guide.

Open Image & Multimedia Collections

Equipment for Use & Checkout

Easy Animations

Text & Video Annotation

Project Management & Workflow


Creative Commons License
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