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Earth Day

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (and the first ever Virtual Earth Day), NYU Libraries has assembled this guide to online books and videos, as well as virtual events, tours, and participatory projects.


In support of Earth Day and NYU Earth Month, the Division of Libraries has compiled a guide to relevant ebooks and online videos, as well as virtual tours, conferences and festivals, and also Citizen Science projects. These include titles featured on the NYU Sustainability's "Must Read" list, as well as other Earth Day and sustainability-minded reading/viewing lists, and also suggestions made by members of the NYU Division of Libraries' staff. Also be sure to check out NYU's 10 Actions for Virtual Earth Month and to follow the @NYUGreen@EarthDayNewYork, and @EarthDayNetwork social media channels to learn more about ways you can contribute to sustainable, earth-friendly initiatives at NYU and beyond.

History of Earth Day

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, to protest environmental degradation and support preservation; it has grown to include events across the globe. Although the coronavirus has impeded in-person celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we now mark the first "Virtual Earth Day," and celebrate together online. The unofficial Earth Day flag was created by peace activist John McConnell, and depicts the "Blue Marble" photograph taken by the crew of Apollo 17.