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Factiva Guide

A guide dedicated to navigating and searching the Factiva news database.

Results Screen

Hover over each number for a brief tour of the results screen. Further information can be found below the image.

  1. Search summary: provides summary of all fields and keywords used in your search.
  2. Modify Search: use this button to jump back to Search Builder and edit your search.
  3. Result type: groups results by type. Click each link to change from default of Publications.
  4. Export bar: use buttons to export articles in a variety of formats. See Export & Share tab for more information.
  5. Date: graphical display of the results in daily increments. The Date graph can also be used to narrow results.
  6. Discovery Pane: populated with filters which provide a unique visualization of your results, and which you can use to narrow or refocus your search. 
    • Companies: 10 companies most cited.
    • Executives: 10 most mentioned executives.
    • Authors: Top 10 authors.
    • Industries: 10 most relevant industries .
    • Keywords: Top Keywords from the top 100 articles.
    • Regions: 10 most cited regions.
    • Subjects: 10 most cited subjects.
    • Sources: Top 10 sources.
  7. Checkbox: check the box next to any article you want to export or print.
  8. Article title: click on the article title to bring the full text up in the right-hand reading panel.