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Services for Faculty at the Bern Dibner Library: Borrow Materials

Guide to library faculty service at Bern Dibner

Borrowing from NYU Libraries

Use your NYU ID to borrow books from Bobst and Courant Libraries.

Item TypeLoan Period
General Collection 120 days
Items with Holds on them 14 days
Special loans Set by Reference or Avery Fisher Center
Journals 7 days
Leisure Collection

14 days

You may request items to be delivered to Dibner Library from Bobst or Courant Libraries, and you can return items you borrowed from these libraries at the Dibner Library service desk.

Borrowing from Other NYC Libraries

Cooper Union

Students and faculty have access and borrowing privileges at the Copper Union Library. Visit the Library Information page for details on access, circulation policies and collections.

Manhattan Research Library Initiative (MaRLI)

Full time faculty and doctoral students may borrow materials from Columbia University and the New York Public Library as part of the MaRLI collaborative. You must first register for borrowing access. Loan periods are 60 days. See the MaRLI: Manhattan Research Library Initiative guide for complete details.

Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB)

NYU-Poly is a member of the Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB). With an ALB card and a valid NYU-Poly ID, Polytechnic faculty and students may visit any of the following libraries and borrow up to two items at a time:

The loan period for ALB circulating books is normally 28 days. You can obtain an ALB card, which is valid for one semester, at the Dibner Library service desk.


If the book you need is not currently available through NYU Libraries you can search 50 nearby academic libraies at once and make a request to have the book delivered to Dibner Library.

Search E-ZBorrow

You may borrow it for 6 weeks (with the option to renew). Unlike, interlibrary loan which can take up to three weeks for a book to arrive, E-ZBorrow takes about 3-5 days. 

How to Renew at Dibner Library

General Collection

Books from the general collection may be renewed in one of three ways:

  • Online: Log in by clicking “My Library Account.” Your username is your NYU NetID and your password is your NYU N number. You may change the password after initial login.
  • In Person: Come to the service desk on the main floor of the library and provide your ID card.
  • By phone: Call 646-997-3530 and provide your full name.

You may renew a book one time, unless the book is overdue or on hold for another user.

Course Reserves

Course Reserve materials are not renewable. 


How to Renew at Bobst Library

You can renew your items from Bobst or Courant Libraries:

  • Online: Sign in to BobCat with your NYU Net ID (located on the back of your NYU-Poly ID card) and password. You must activate your NetID and set up a password if you have not done so already (see:
  • In Person:  at the Circulation Desk (1st floor, Bobst Library)

Books with the following statuses may not be renewed remotely:

  • Recalled books
  • Books with holds on them
  • Leisure reading books
  • Special loans

How to Renew at Other Libraries

Please refer to the lending library's website for information on loan policies and renewal procedures.