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Health (Nursing, Medicine, Allied Health): Clinical Guidelines

Guide to locating health evidence.

Clinical Guidelines

Clinical guidelines and other sources of best practices are a source of evaluated synthesized evidence. Some sources:



  • Search PubMed, use the filter for Publication Type: "Practice guideline" .
    (Example, search: asthma Filters: Guideline; Child: birth-18 years)
  • Search CINAHLplus, use the filter for Publication Type: "Practice Guidelines"
  • Clinical Key, filter for the document Type: Guidelines
  • Nursing Reference Center Plus use filter for Material Type: "guidelines"
  • Trip Database filter for Evidence Type: "guidelines"
  • NICE Clinical Guidelines (UK NHS)
  • Search PsycINFO by index term "treatment guidelines" or for phrase "practice guideline*"
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)

COLLECTIONS in Books and E-Books:

  • Search NYU Library's  Bobcat for "practice guidelines"
  • Search Access Medicine, limit to Quick Reference--guidelines