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Health (Nursing, Medicine, Allied Health): Find Books/Syntheses/Background Info

Guide to locating health evidence.

Health: E-books, Summaries & Collections

The resources linked below contain:

  • "Point of care" tools
  • Evidence summaries 
  • E-books 
  • Encyclopedias and Bibliographies

In addition, be sure to review: Finding Clinical Guidelines.


Point of Care Tools and Mobile Apps

Point of care tools (POC) are resources designed for busy clinicians

  • High quality synthesized monographs and synthesized evidence suitable for use with patients.
  • Most POC tools include levels of evidence, rating scales or grade recommendations as well as citations back to the original research studies, systematic reviews, or guidelines. LINK to all mobile versions and directions.
  • Search MedKit  across 10+ clinical and point-of-care resources simultaneously  (NYU log-in required). Enter a patient PROBLEM, INTERVENTION, OR DRUG! 

MedKit (via the HSL Library)

Search Summon

Summon is a meta-search tool that accesses E-books in multiple disciplines. Includes some (not all) contents of E-books licensed by NYU.
Go ahead and try Summon.


  • Includes:  Some, not all, of NYU Libraries' E-book content (includes individually indexed E-book chapters)
  • Strengths:  Keyword searching within the full text of E-books
  • Disadvantages:  Too many results; not all E-books are found here; keyword searching may retrieve irrelevant hits. 


Search BobCat

Search for books, journals, videos, etc. in our local libraries and special collections.

Leisure Reading in the Health Sciences