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Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month

A curated multimedia guide to celebrate Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month.

Polywog Collection

A line of campus apparel, inspired by black and latinx engineering students 

created by NYU Tandon alum and ARL/NYU Digital Library Fellow Joel Ureña

Images sourced from NYU Poly Archives (1887-2009) at Dibner Library

Collage of photos: Black & Latinx students, images of campus apparel

I hope that people can recognize the incredible art and history within the archives and that it inspires them to create, remix, transform and share these materials. 

I hope that black and latinx students at NYU Tandon see this project and know that their legacy in this institution is eternal. They come out of NYU Tandon joining a hallowed group of engineers that have impacted the world through their research, reshaped industries and strengthed their communities.

- Joel Ureña

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