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Job Search, Interviewing, and Compensation

Key resources for your job and internship search provided by NYU Libraries.

Salary Data Sources

Use the resources below as a first step to understanding a position's market value. Keep in mind that how salaries are structured is influenced by many factors, including job title, seniority, industry, geographic location, etc.

  • A salary calculator. 
  • Glassdoor: A job search site where employees post compensation and reviews for large companies. 
  • Payscale: A salary survey tool. 
  • The Salary Project: A site where you can submit and view salary data anonymously. 
  • Get That Raise: A tool that analyzes your current salary and helps you map future goals.
  • Career One Stop and Occupational Outlook Handbook: Salary ranges by profession sourced from US government data (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor).
  • Salary surveys: Many professional, trade, and industry associations produce salary surveys, which can be critical for understanding what your salary and compensation should look like.​​​ Many salary surveys are behind a membership layer or paywall.

Seminal Books on Negotiation

Negotiation Videos