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H1B Visas

Determining whether a company will sponsor an H1B work visa can be difficult unless it is disclosed in the job posting or by the recruiter. Use the below tools to determine how successful companies have been at sponsoring work visas (MyVisaJobs), and which job titles within a company have consistently received H1B visa approval for hiring (GoinGlobal).

Tips for when the H1B Visa Proves Elusive

  • Interested in working in North America, but not having luck securing an offer that includes visa sponsorship in the United States? Don't forget the US' neighbor to the north: Canada. 
  • Looking only at English speaking countries? Don't forget countries like the Netherlands or Singapore, where English is used widely in business and day-to-day life.
  • Don't rule out the possibility of working for a large US company at one of their international offices, then exploring the possibility of an internal transfer.