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Leisure Reading Collection

Need a break from academia? Use this guide to help locate material in the Leisure Reading Collections at the Bobst and Jack Brause Libraries.

Where is the Leisure Reading Collection located at Bobst?

The Bobst Leisure Reading Collection is on Lower Level 2 (LL2) of the library.

The Leisure Reading collection is located towards the back of the floor (south side), past the individual study rooms.  To locate the collection, make a left turn after exiting the elevators, and another left turn immediately afterwards.  The Leisure Collection is located approximately 20 feet forward beginning on the left hand side and wrapping clockwise around the perimeter of the room.  

Floor plan of the second, lower level of Bobst Library.  

Where is the Leisure Reading Collection located at Jack Brause?

Around 100 new and popular titles are kept on a display bookcart featured prominently just inside the entrance to the Jack Brause Library. The books are only on display during staffed hours.