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This library research guide was compiled and designed by Kimberly Ziegler, October 2012. It is currently maintained by Meredith Levin.

Many thanks to Bryan Brazeau for his technical help in embedding search engines into the guide. 


Welcome to the study guide for Modern Italian Studies. This guide includes a number of resources specifically geared towards Italianists in a wide variety of fields, such as literary studies, art history, cultural studies, and history. Where appropriate, links have been provided to study guides in other fields. Please explore the menus at the top for more specific information. For more information on a specific resource, click on the "i" icon or hover your mouse above the link. 

Finding articles in Italian Studies

These are the major databases for finding articles related to Italian Studies. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, rather it contains the major databases that index articles in Italian Studies and related fields. Hover your mouse over the title of each entry for more detailed information

Catalogue of Italian Periodicals

These list periodicals written in Italian covering all fields of study. 

Finding Essays in Anthologies

These two databases are useful for looking up essays included within larger collections. Mostly abstracts.

General Introductions

These are general introductions to certain topics in Italian studies. Often a good place to start (and much more reliable than wikipedia!).

Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani

An excellent resource (often with extensive bibliographical references for follow up) that gives detailed biographical information on Italian writers, thinkers, and important figures. Be advised, however, that for the moment the entries only go up to the letter "M" (Morlaiter, Giovanni Maria is the last entry). N-Z are currently being developed.

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