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Physical Therapy

Guide to locating research evidence and tools for Physical Therapy students and faculty.

Saving Searches in Database Accounts

If you're working on crafting a search strategy that you intend to you return to repeatedly, edit, and revise, it can be extremely helpful to save that strategy in the database for later updates.  Additionally, if you will need to report your database search strategies as part of a description of your literature review methods, saving a copy of your searches is essential.

Most of the core health sciences databases offer you the option of creating an account and saving your own searches.  See the resources below for information about creating your personal database accounts and saving searches.    

Medline via PubMed 

CINAHL Complete

Saving Search Terms in External Documents

In addition to saving searches in the database account, it can be helpful to save them in an external document where you can track changes in the search and make notes about useful/not useful terms.  The resources below may be helpful for documenting your search terms. (Alternately, some people just choose to use a plain Google or Word document.)