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This guide was created by librarian Amani Magid, from the NYUAD Library.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at 

About Rooftop Rhythms


Rooftop Rhythms is a grassroots cultural movement that provides platforms for spoken word and poetry open mike sessions in the UAE. Founded in 2011 by Dorian Paul Rogers, it originally began to hold its sessions in Cafe Arabia in Abu Dhabi, then due to the number of attendees sought bigger space at various venues throughout Abu Dhabi before it's present venue at NYU Abu Dhabi. Rooftop Rhythms prides itself that events are "inclusive of all racial backgrounds and ethnicities". In the spirit of encouraging others to this art form, the group conducts free workshops on poetry and other performance arts.

Rooftop Rhythms is not limited to poetry also provides a venue for other performance arts such as Rooftop Rhythms Arabia, where the entire event including poetry performance is in Arabic, 50 Shades of Blues, Versus Party, Old Schooled Party and more! 


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