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Critical Inquiry and Pedagogy at NYU-Shanghai

NYU Shanghai faculty share their pedagogical philosophies and classroom experiences in applying Critical Inquiry.

Critical Inquiry Videos

Critical Inquiry: Language / mode (Video 4 minutes, 8 seconds)

For transcript, please view on NYU Stream.

Quotes on different language/communication modalities

Brookfield, S. (2012).

  • Chapter 6 Reading and Writing Critically
  • Chapter 8 Making Discussions Critical

Smith, M. K., Wood, W. B., Adams, W. K., Wieman, C., Knight, J. K., Guild, N., & Su, T. T. (2009). Why peer discussion improves student performance on in-class concept questions. Science; 323 (5910), 122-124.

When students answer an in-class conceptual question individually using clickers, discuss it with their neighbors, and then revote on the same question, the percentage of correct answers typically increases.