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Critical Inquiry and Pedagogy at NYU-Shanghai

NYU Shanghai faculty share their pedagogical philosophies and classroom experiences in applying Critical Inquiry.

Critical Inquiry Videos

The Relationship of Diversity to Critical Inquiry (Video 2 minutes, 23 seconds)

For transcript, please view on NYU Stream.

Quotes on the relationship of diversity to critical inquiry

Brookfield, S. (2012).

Throughout the book.

I usually end a class where race and racism has surfaced feeling like I wish I could rewind the videotape and erase all the mistakes I just made and have a second or third go at getting it “right."

Loes, C., Pascarella, E., & Umbach, P. (2012). Effects of diversity experiences on critical thinking skills: Who benefits?. The Journal of Higher Education, 83(1), 1-25.

…findings reinforce the argument that engagement in diversity experiences may have important implications for the intellectual development of substantial numbers of students during the first year of college.