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Empirical Research Practice

Prepare APA style Research Plan, Lab Report, and Poster

How to Use This Guide

Use these boxes in any order.

I suggest (1) watch the video, (2) view the "Design your research plan with checklists" below, and (3) schedule a chat with the librarian. 

The Checklists include steps and resources to:

  • Defining a Topic
  • Developing a Research Question
  • Deciding on a Methodology
  • Research Plan
  • Help to Plan
  • Deal with a Crisis
  • Are Quantitative Methods Right for my Research Questions?

Research Methods in Psychology, video

Best tools to start your research

Empirical Research Practice ebook list

Wellness Exchange

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  • depression

  • sexual assault

  • anxiety

  • disabilities

  • alcohol and drug dependence

  • sexually transmitted infections

  • eating disorders

  • other mental health issues. 

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