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SimplyE for NYU Libraries

An overview of the e-reader mobile app SimplyE for NYU Libraries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which titles are available in SimplyE?

  • During this pilot phase around 150,000 (out of NYU's 2 million) e-books are available in SimplyE. All e-books are discoverable through NYU Libraries' catalog.

How many books can I download and keep on my bookshelf?

  • User can keep a maximum of 30 downloaded titles in My Books. Users can tap on the “Return” button to return books and download other titles.

How long will my bookmarks be saved?

  • Bookmarks are saved during the 14 loan period. After the loan period ends, the bookmarks will be removed.

What is the expected download speed?

  • Download speeds can vary depending on rights authentication needed.

When will the pilot end?

  • The pilot will conclude August 2022

How can I get help or give feedback?