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SimplyE for NYU Libraries

An overview of the e-reader mobile app SimplyE for NYU Libraries.

Installation Directions

Installing SimplyE for NYU Libraries

  1. Install the free SimplyE e-reader app through the App Store (iOS) or Playstore (Android)
  2. After installing, tap on the SimplyE icon from your home screen to launch the app
  3. Tap Agree (Android only)
  4. Tap 13 or Older
  5. Tap Find Your Library
  6. Scroll and select NYU Libraries

If you have SimplyE already Installed:

  1. Tap the Library icon in the top left corner and click Manage Accounts OR tap the Settings on the bottom right
  2. Click the option "Accounts" to add or delete libraries
  3. Click "Add Library" in the top right corner (of the Settings page)
  4. Scroll down the list to find "NYU Libraries"

Screenshot of the list of all libraries you are subscribed to, including the option "Manage Accounts" to add or delete libraries. This list can be accessed by clicking the "change library account" button in the top left corner.Screenshot of the settings page in the SimplyE app. The "Accounts" setting is the first option in the list. Screenshot of the entire list of libraries available on SimplyE. The list can be accessed by clicking "Add Library" on the top right corner.